How to get rid of constipation once and for all

07. March 2014 Uncategorized 0
How to get rid of constipation once and for all

Enzymes break down your food, are you getting enough?

I have been learning quite a bit about our body and how it works. I am so glad I did. One reason is I am starting to feel better and I’m not super tired needing coffee lol. I love that my body is getting what it needs ever since I started eating for my health. So if you’re having trouble with your digestion then I would suggest some really good enzymes to break your food down.

Our food has been stripped of  important essential nutrition, our body needs that to function properly. One of the reasons we don’t have the proper nutrition in our food is because most of the farmers don’t put the nutrition back into the soil, leaving our food nutritionally deficient.

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