How make delicious almond yogurt.

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How make delicious almond yogurt.

Who wants to start taking care of themselves and feel better,  I do.

 How I like to start my day, Lou’s homemade Almond Yogurt with some berries.  Sometimes I have a lemon ginger blast in the morning. I am working my way up to 3 habaneros; that stuff  can be spicy if your not used to spicy things.  Our body will build up a tolerance  to spicy food over time which is nice, because spicy foods are good for our health.   Lou drinks this lemon ginger blast first thing in the morning. I’m working my way up to that.

Lou’s Gorilla milk during the day  and a green salad with some homemade salad dressing.  I also enjoy drinking homemade almond milk during the day.


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Since I have been eating foods for my health I’ve been  feeling  much better and full of life.  I used to be so tired and worn out during the day wondering why I was so tired, and think why  isn’t this coffee working…  🙂

I think you would enjoy this almond yogurt as a snack or with your breakfast and some fruits or however you’d like.

Also if you want to buy some of Lou’s Health products from puradyme  here’s the link .

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