Letting go of Hate so we can Love

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Letting go of Hate so we can Love

A World of Love


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 The world needs us and we need each other because We were meant to love one anther not hate. The time is now to wake up and see what right in front of us. You and I can make it things better but we have to do it together.

 I believe we deserve to live in a world where people are given a chance to thrive.  We have so much fear put into us from a small age  which causes some many of us to give up  because we don’t want to starve or be homeless, we want to live and survive. So by putting fear into us we forget what really matters, like ours loved one, each other and living a life of happiness so we can  thrive on this beautiful planet and take time to enjoy the little things in life. It’s time to remember what really matters, Love, because love creates and hate destroys that’s why.  🙂

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So I ask you do you think you were meant to live like this, living in a world where people with money, control others and look down on them because of a lack of money? I don’t.

So many of  us give up on ourselves and never get a chance to succeed because there or even be who we want to because we are told to be a successful person instead of who we are meant to be.

I believe we are meant to be happy and have a true purpose only we know what that it is, no one can tell you what it is because it’s our hearts desire.  We deserve that change to and it should not be taken away by anyone. We have a choice this is our lives.

We are meant to love each other not hate. Love is the only way we can change things. By loving and working together we can create a better world that has a chance to thrive and it will create happiness instead of destroying.  Hating others is a waste of our time and energy. By hating we are destroying ourselves and taking away our happiness and we cannot grow the way we are meant to in a world of so much hater.

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The time is now to work together so we can make things better for all of us. It’s so much easier to love and so much more rewarding  when you stop only thinking of yourself and love and help others out we all need each other. We need love so we fight for it and so much more but it’s been right in front of us the whole time fighting each other instead of loving.  The choice is ours I hope we will choose to love instead of hating. Thank you, Love to you  🙂

 Living in a world of harmony is one of my dreams. This may seem like a big dream but I will not give up on it.Follow your Heart. <3

“You might say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.”  🙂



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