Reasons you’ll Benefit from taking Apple Cider Vinegar

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Reasons you’ll Benefit from taking Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar with The ‘Mother’

The Mother has health benefits you can’t get from regular vinegar.  I take a teaspoon straight cuss I don’t mind the taste it like a pickle to me but if you can’t stand it I recommend taking it with some kind of juice, apple juice works pretty good so you won’t taste the vinegar as much. I really like Simply because it’s not from concentrated and it tastes great you can even juice your own apples if you want.

Here’s a lifts of some of the benefits you can get from taking this and I have even experience a lot of these benefits too.

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1. Apple cider vinegar can aid in weight loss

For daily weight management, add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to 16 ounces of water. This concoction can be sipped throughout the day. Data shows some limited, yet significant, weight loss benefits from sustained daily intake of acetic acid (which is a main ingredient in apple cider vinegar).

For thousands of years, vinegar has been used for weight loss. White vinegar (and perhaps other types) might help people feel full. A study (Ostman, E. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2005) of 12 people found that those who ate a piece of bread along with small amounts of vinegar felt fuller and more satisfied than those who just ate the bread. A 2009 study on mice showed that consuming acetic acid (the active component in ACV), upregulates the expression of genes for fatty acid oxidation enzymes in the liver causing a suppression in body fat accumulation.

In a double-blind experiment, obese Japanese were assigned to three different groups based on similar body weights, body mass indexes (BMI), and waist circumference. Each group drank a 500 ml drink containing either 30ml, 15ml, or 0ml of vinegar daily for 12 weeks. Those in the 30ml and 15ml groups had lower BMI, visceral fat area, waist circumference, serum triglyceride, and body weight to the control group of 0ml. The 12-week weight losses were modest: 1.2kg in the 15ml group and 1.7kg in the 30ml group. These two groups consumed a similar number of calories to the control group and also performed a similar amount of exercise, so the effect is not likely to have been due to an impact on appetite or other lifestyle changes. It was concluded that consumption of vinegar might reduce obesity.

Apple cider vinegar is chosen over white vinegar for many processes involving the elimination of fungus. Although they both have highly acidic properties; apple cider also contains detoxifying qualities that will clear up other skin allergies. No side effects have been found when treating the skin with apple cider vinegar, making it a cost effective and safe remedy

2.  Apple cider vinegar  balances body’s PH levels.

As your blood becomes acidic, the stage is set for illness. Apple cider vinegar helps restore your body’s pH. The body constantly strives to achieve a state of equilibrium. Apple cider vinegar helps the body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level. Research shows that higher acid levels (lower pH level) leads to a lack of energy and higher incidences of infection. Hence, my desire to sip some a few times a day for a natural boost of energy Alkaline Acid Balance

Some alternative practitioners recommend using apple cider vinegar to restore alkaline acid balance. The theory behind the alkaline diet is that our blood is slightly alkaline (with a normal pH level of between 7.35 and 7.45) and that our diet should reflect this pH level. Proponents of the alkaline-acid theory believe that a diet high in acid-producing foods leads to lack of energy, excessive mucous production, infections, anxiety, irritability, headache, sore throat, nasal and sinus congestion, allergic reactions, and increased risk of conditions such as arthritis and gout

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3.Detoxify’s body

As part of balancing the body’s pH, apple cider vinegar creates an overall detoxification of the body. Research shows that it can help stimulate cardiovascular circulation and help detoxify the liver. Signs of detoxification are headaches, stomach ache and body aches. I know that it doesn’t sound good but that means it’s working to get the toxins out of your body that have been there for years just sitting in your body and your body it getting rid of them. Drink lots of water to flush the toxins out to help the ACV do it job and your body will thank you 🙂

You deserve to feel better sometimes it seems hard to make that first step but it’s really not hard just start by buying a bottle of Organic’Mother’ Apple cider vinegar with the ‘Mother’ and drink it so you can start getting and feeling better.

4. Candida

This vinegar is rich in natural enzymes that can help rid your body of candida—yeasts that are attributed to thrush in humans. Candida also is blamed for creating symptoms of fatigue, poor memory, sugar cravings and yeast infections. apple cider is and anti fungal anti bacteria and anti viral. In fact, biologists at Rice University found that 70% of Americans are affected by candida, a systemic fungal infection that occurs when your inner ecosystem is out of balance.

5. Reduce Heartburn

Though it might seem like an oxymoron to treat stomach acid with an acid-containing vinegar, there is research suggesting that apple cider vinegar works by correcting low acid, hence reducing heartburn. Natural remedy experts say you should begin to feel relief very shortly after taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar followed by a glass of water. Note that apple cider vinegar will not give relief if you have an ulcer.

6.  Makes you hair shine and gets rid of dandruff

Apple cider vinegar can be used as a rinse for your hair after shampooing, and will boost your hair’s body and shine. I recommend recycling an old shampoo bottle, then filling it with 1/2 a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of cold water. Pour the solution through your hair after shampooing several times a week for dramatic results.

7.  Diabetes

The effect of apple cider vinegar on blood sugar levels is perhaps the best researched and the most promising of APV’s health benefits. Several studies have found that vinegar may help lower glucose levels. For instance, a study (White, A. Diabetes Care, November 2007) of 11 people with type 2 diabetes found that taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bed lowered glucose levels in the morning by 4%-6%. In another study from Arizona State University, subjects took a drink of 20 grams of apple cider vinegar and 40 grams of water. Those with insulin resistance who drank the vinegar had 34% lower postprandial (after-meal) glucose compared to controls. Vinegar may be the most cost-effective medicine in history.

 8. Helps with Blood Pressure and Heart Health.

Another study in rats found that vinegar could lower high blood pressure. A large observational study also found that people who ate oil and vinegar dressing on salads five to six times a week had lower rates of heart disease than people who didn’t. Researchers have suggested that ‘this reduction in blood pressure may be caused by the significant reduction in renin activity and the subsequent decrease in angiotensin II’.

Potassium in the vinegar ‘balances sodium levels in the body, which aids in maintaining blood pressure within healthy limits’ and ‘apple cider vinegar also contains magnesium, a mineral that works to relax blood vessel walls and thus lower high blood pressure’.

9. Lows your chances of getting Cancer.

A few laboratory studies have found that vinegar may be able to kill cancer cells or slow their growth. One study found that eating vinegar was associated with a decreased risk of esophageal cancer. Another associated it with an increased risk of bladder cancer. In recent trials, pectin, which can be found in ACV, has shown promise in helping to slow the growth of cancerous cells within the prostate (

In addition, apple cider vinegar’s acidity aids in detoxifying and cleansing the digestive tract and cleaning out the colon, which supports the health of the prostate as well.

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10. Safe  Drain Cleaner

Baking soda and apple cider vinegar is an amazing bubbly combination that has many uses. As a drain cleaner, sprinkle baking soda down the drain then add apple cider vinegar and let it bubble for 15 minutes, then rinse with hot water. This is a safer alternative to dangerous drain cleaners.

11. Safe Cleaner

I love to use this I clean my bathroom with it my kitchen counters too it’s awesome. I if you want it to smell good add some lemon it’s also a disinfectant.

12. Promote the growth of healthy micro-flora

Apple cider vinegar is a Promote the growth of healthy micro-flora – apple cider vinegar is a prebiotic, which feeds probiotics (the healthy micro-flora in your inner ecosystem. Your intestines are your immune systems home. So you need a good healthy bacteria down there to fight for you and keep you healthy. That is only the start to being healthy and feeling better. Cheers to your health. 🙂

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13. Skin

Age spots, moles? Put apple cider  1 part water 1 part ACV on them with a  cotton ball and a band aid or medical tap and repeat till the mole falls off or age spot is gone. Use caution when near they eyes. I have tried these on myself but everyone is different and if you are unsure of something ask your Dr. Thank you again for your time and I hope you have learned something that will help you feel and live a better life. 🙂

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