Learning to Love yourself

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Learning to Love yourself

Loving you 

One of the hardest things you can do is to truly love yourself, after that you can love others and so on.  Learning to truly love ourselves through the good and the bad takes patience and understanding. To understand love is to know love so you must experience love for yourself, by truly loving yourself unconditionally. If you don’t know what love is you can’t you give it away, make sense?   So if you don’t learn to love yourself you won’t be able to really love anyone else.  People say we are not perfect, a saying I heard, “You are perfectly you aren’t you? ” So why not Love yourself from your heart. 🙂   

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This is life and one thing about it is we need to grow and learn, if you never make mistakes you will never learn. People need to make mistakes to grow so let them makes mistakes and try not to be so judgmental you as well make mistakes and those are your lessons you needed to learn from so you can grow so love yourself and others and help them by lending an ear, even a hand and  words of encouragement, not judgement.

We are humans that need to experience things for ourselves, someone can tell you about something they’ve done or experienced, for example that ice cream taste like mint well if you have never tasted mint you don’t know what it taste like, all you know is what someone told you what it tasted like to them. We can tell people all kinds of things to do or not to do but  People are people and they will do what they feel they need to do whether it’s right or wrong It’s “THEIR JOURNEY” after all they need to do what they need to grow. Give them your advice and do it with love. That’s all we can really do.  

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Your here to learn, grow, love and  to experience this life, this life can be such a  gift  when you open your eyes to all the beauty that’s all around us For example get out of the daily and stop and smell the roses watch the sunset and if your awake early enough watch the sunrise it can be so beautiful, so peaceful and even relaxing. So many of us are missing out on that gift of life and we forget what really matters. Is a piece of paper with a dollar sign worth your happiness, does it make you truly happy? Some can joke and say sure I can buy nice cars, houses, clothes and all the accessories but those are only things and they will never truly buy you everlasting happiness and love they won’t laugh at your jokes, be there when you cry,  they won’t love you for who you are.  Your friends and loving family will if you have them and if you don’t find them. You are worth loving when you make yourself worth it but it’s not by your looks your fancy car or all the money you have but by what’s in your heart. Follow your heart not your ego.  True friends and family will be there when you have nothing but love. Let love in and out for you and others to experience.   

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One thing you can do, is believe in yourself.  Don’t  listen to the negativity that others say about you when you know it’s not true.  Surround yourself with people who love you for you and won’t bring you down.  Find things you love to do for yourself  and do them.  It could be riding your bike, going for a walk watching your favorite movie or eating your favorite food. This one may sound silly to some but  look in the mirror and tell yourself,  “I Love You.”  Do this from your heart Not your ego.  It will take time for some but you can do it when you start believing in yourself. 

Love might mean different things to all of us but it is the same thing, it’s Love. Love is not just a word you say or a feeling you get when you fall in love with someone. Love is a connection that units all of us and it means so much more than anything we have experienced in this life. Love can not be explained it must be lived, felt experienced by compassion, understanding, forgiveness, trusting, unity, Peace  and so much more.  Feel love deep within and  spread it all around.  It’s free after all. 🙂 

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I’m a deep person, I speak from my heart and I care so much about others that sometimes I let it hurt me. One of my wishes is to give others faith in themselves and I hope they will see that it is better to love than to hate. There is not reason we need to hate ourselves or others it solves nothing, only causes pain for ourselves and for others. I have said this many time Loves grows things and Hate destroys things, this is how I see it.    None of us have all the answers that’s why where here to learn and grow. Life has a cycle that works in harmony so whether your a bird, plant, whale or even a human your apart of this beautiful circle of life so enjoy it, embrace it,  Life needs us to work with it not against it.  Love Always. 🙂


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