At times we all need to hear

19. February 2016 Uncategorized 0
At times we all need to hear

heart-1124801_1920I think at times we all need to hear these words.

Do you ever feel this way? I never wanted to be your enemy why do you want fight and be angry at me? I miss us I miss you, so let’s fix this. Yes I’ve felt this way about everyone who I’ve really cared about that has been mad at me.

Let’s fix it so we can forgive and get pat the fight. Let’s make up so we can heal. Let’s get rid our pride that’s stopping us from doing so. Let’s Laugh so hard we almost pee our pants.

Whether your family or not get up and fix it you never know how wonderful your gonna feel when you let it go. So you haven’t spoken to your mom or dad or sibling for years, well forgive them after all we’re all human we all make mistakes we are all learning so stop thinking your mistakes are not as bad as some one else’s.? We’re all on our own path, you never know how they felt and how hard their life was so love them anyways.  It’s worth a try so go on fix it.

Do you know how to show you care.. Well for starters be there, communicate, be supportive, be honest, Listen, Apologize when you hurt someone. Just few ways to show you care. Don’t wait to show people you care until you feel like it because your mad or your pride got in the way. Make time and be there and work it out so you don’t miss out. If your mad at your family talk about whats wrong and fix it. You never know what tomorrow holds for yourself or another person. Show people you care todayclose-up-18753_1280. If your pride is getting in the way and you think you can do no wrong. Well I don’t know what to say except your missing out on some really good memories. Make up and apologize it’s not worth it, Remember we are all humans learn and growing and we all make mistakes. Communicate and fix what’s wrong make it better together. How else are you going to learn if you don’t own up to your mistakes or tell someone how they hurt you and you want to make things right. Int the end you can look back and say at least you tried and gave it my all.

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