To The People

19. February 2016 Uncategorized 0
To The People

personal-943879_1920To the people~ We are the people and if we want things to get better we must admit the truth and stop hiding from it. I know the truth is not easy at times but the truth is the truth and when we work together and make a stand for the better and do our research and find out the truth and stop believing lies, we can fix what needs to be fixed. We can not keep denying what is right in front of us we need to fix it.

This is about all of us working together and doing what is right and not being afraid to do so. I’m not rocket scientist but I can tell we need to fix a lot of things now! WAKE UP  Get their lies out of you head. I know it’s hard but you need wake up because they are destroying you and all the beauty inside you that you are meant to share and not be afraid of. You are meant for so much more. These lies are stopping you for who you are meant ot be and the lies your told make you feel worthless, sad, angry, depressed feel like there is something wrong with you so you drug yourself up with meds and more meds for those meds.

Most people work a job they hate and the life is sucked of of you all the joy basically you feel no self worth. I’m no fool it’s all a game of power and control. You will NEVER be happy with all the power in the world NEVER you’ll be feared, alone and never truly loved. You really only really want money so you can get what you need like some good food, a comfortable place to live/sleep, be able to go where you want to go and be able to get there to the beach, the Europeans where ever you enjoy going.

You want to be at peace and know you have what you need and can do what you love and spend time with the ones you love and love you. Come on think about it. How long are we going to allow the control to go one… How long are we going to let them take away our spirits, who we really are not these lies we’re told to be. How long are we going to let them separate us by lies… HOW LONG…

What we need is to love and be loved in return. When you don’t feel we’re loved we get hurt and get angry and lash out. Let’s work on loving one another and stop letting lies destroy the beauty that’s inside us. Let’s start creating instead of destroying. I don’t care what religion you are just get along and love one another okay PEACE I hope your inspired to find peace and remember to love instead of hating and to create instead of destroying.

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