A Wish for All

19. February 2016 Uncategorized 0
A Wish for All

This year lets stop fighting and hating each other, lets start being kind to each other let’s start doing what’s right in our hearts. Let’s start learning to Love ourselves unconditional so that way we can learn to love each other. Together we can make this a better and brighter world for all of us. When we work together we can grow amazing and beautiful things.

Look at the child we can help by inspiring them to help change the world for the better by loving others, by being kind to one another. Are you going be the one to help the kids make the world a better place, for everyone and everything.?

I will never lose hope in humanity, I have been hurt many many times but still choose to forgive and Love, it hasn’t been easy. I won’t allow hatred to destroy me. When we allow hatred to tear us apart inside causing us to become bitter. Hatred causes separation because we are judging others in a negative way and then we destroy ourselves and each other by allowing hatred to destroying us from the inside out. These actions are the opposite of love.

By loving each other for who we are, differences and all. Being respectful of others beliefs not everyone will believe the same thing and that’s okay that’s what makes us unique. Just as long as your not physically hurting another person. We are kinda like a rainbow, and when all the colors come together they make something beautiful. Let the rainbow remind you of what we can do when we come together and work together. We are a family, we are all beautiful no matter color, race, religion belief. WE need Love, it is the only thing that changes hatred into Love.

We are all learning and growing and must remember who we are and stop fighting one another it solves nothing only destroys. I know we all have difference beliefs and we all think we are right that’s okay just don’t let that stop you from loving or caring about another person. Change your heart, start caring and learn to be a loving person. Accept one another find a way.

We are living on one planet and it’s full of people who need to learn to get along and accept one another for who they are, differences and all. Respect, Love. When we grow in our hearts and let love in, we’ll find we want peace and acceptance and most of all to be love for who we are.

Let’s stop the complaining about what’s wrong and fix it. I know you all have been hurt, We can heal ourselves by loving one another. I have my days were I feel so sad and then I get back up stronger and I’m more loving. I do my best and I forgive others and isn’t been easy but it’s better to forgive and let that hatred go. I love you all and I mean it!heart-462873_1280.

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