Love is something we actually need

25. February 2016 Uncategorized 0
Love is something we actually need

I needed to be cared for and so do you.  Why do people seem to think only children need to be loved. When you’re an adult you need just as much love. When your an adult people look the other way if you’re sad and have a moment of weakness and won’t give you the time of day. heart-1124801_1920


Why can’t you see we all need love not just the children. We need to be loved and it hurts when you’re not loved by your friends, family or even your neighbors. I’m just stating the obvious you can deny it but you’d be lying. We want to be cared for you, me the girl next door we all need love. We need to know we matter and that someone cares. We are made to love no hate. When we are hurt/ betrayed it makes it harder to trust. I hope we can heal and remember how much love matters to us and just how much we all truly need Love.  I’ll admit it I need to be loved. Love is an action it’s something you do to show you care by putting others above yourself at times to show them they matter and they do the same for you a 2 way street sorta speaking. Give and receive don’t just take and take you have to give and receive

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