How can you Thrive in this world?

How can you Thrive in this world?

Thriving, Life is a gift.

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 I believe we are here to learn, so we can grow.  See how kids love to learn so when the put the puzzle pieces together they see a bigger picture. Well I think that when we become adults we forget that feeling and we stop and get stuck in our routines and forget that we love learn new things, they help us  grow, whether it’s spiritually, a new skill, or something new that sparks that light and inspires us to move forward.  I love learning new things and experiences them as well, as long as it’s what I feel is best for my journey, in life, the possibilities are endless.

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Nothing stays the same it’s always changing just like in nature.

Somethings that make it hard for us to grow are when others judge others for what most call mistakes and then look down on them for those mistakes and that hurts peoples growth. Mistakes are lessons that we need to grow to learn from. We are going to get hurt and we are going to fall. We are apart of nature look around you and think for yourself and unplug from the daily to see what really going on, only you can see it for yourself when you actually do it. When we only listen to the news and the one who tell us how to be and how to think, we stop being ourselves and give our lives away, our gift.

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I hope people will see this is our life, it’s our gift to experience to live it up to learn, to grow, laugh,  sing, dance and just be ourselves. Life is about experiencing all of it the up and the downs.  Experience the world the journey of living Life.

I hope the ones reading this will see it as a positive way and find what they need to grow.  I stand for love, truth and living life to the fullest the way creation was mean to live, Thriving and growing.  Not being held back from others who want control over others.

Why are we the only ones  paying someone to live here?  The earth gives us everything we need to  survive from shelter, food, water but we are paying someone for these things… We have  bosses that most of the time don’t appreciate their employees and barely give them enough to live and they have more money then they need and refuse to share because they want control over us by using the things that we could get for feed and selling them to us that to me is just crazy lol.

I would love to live in a world where people had a purpose true to life and it helped them grow.  I guess I can see it but We mus t wake up Humanity to see what they forgot take the walls down and put the pieces of the puzzle together and see the big picture we are living behind the wall thinking we need to live this way so we can survive… WAKE UP  YOU DESERVE BETTER, WE ALL DO.

The time is now if you choose to free yourself and be you from this lie you’ve been living and Thrive and grow Don’t be afraid there is nothing to be afraid of only but a life that you are not living so why not start experiencing this AMAZING GIFT you are given. 🙂

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Start Being yourself and do what feels right for you don’t let others control your life, if you let others control your life then you will never learn so you will never grow and you will only be what they want you to be and that is not always best for you.

When you think for yourself and see things for what they are you take the veil off and you take the things that stop your form growing and then you grow, blossom. referring to nature again because after all we are apart of  it. When the soil is bad you get unhealthy food, plants with out the beneficial nutrients they need to have energy and grow properly. I think if we want to grow properly, it’s time to cleanse ourselves form the poisons that are  holding us back from growing.

Some ways to start living a fulling life so we can grow and experience this beautiful gift so we can start being happy is to find people who will help us grow and stop giving  power to the ones  who are stopping us  from growing.  Live Life the best you can and don’t be afraid to be you, you are unique and that is a wonderful thing that makes you, you so embrace it.

Life is hard especially when others made it that way by taking away our gifts that are from this land and should be free to all. Mother nature gave to us all  gifts. Some of us build things, some are good care takers and some are just good listening, some are good at cooking. Some of theses gifts may seem bigger than other but it should not matter. We are unique and we all have our own gifts to share with others, not keep to ourselves we are no meant to be alone and hated by others, we’re meant be loved just like were meant to grow, Love creates hate destroys. 

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My Quotes. “Live life to the fullest just don’t harm others”.   “Love to live and Live to Love”   “One person can make a difference but to together we can make an even bigger difference for a better word”.

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